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The Amazon Glow is an innovative interactive projector that can be used for video calls with friends and family. There’s an 8″ touchscreen/camera on the front and a downward-facing projector located at the top of the device. This projector can detect movements from your hands on a flat surface to be used in a variety of games, books, and other content. It seems to be the perfect solution for anyone that lives away from their loved ones, or just spends time away from them occasionally.

Amazon Glow Interactive ProjectorIf privacy is one of your concerns, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a physical shutter switch that blocks out the camera. Alexa also isn’t built into the machine either, if that happens to be another concern of yours in regards to privacy. This is truly a new type of device from Amazon with quite a few unique ideas. Let’s review some of the details and see what the Amazon Glow is all about.

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  • Interactive Features

    The main appeal is definitely being able to interact with someone remotely in fun ways. I’d say the best part is that only one person needs to have a Glow device. For example, a child could be using the Glow at home, while a family member or relative is connected through an app on their tablet. You’ll be able to visually see each other while playing games such as Checkers, Chess, Go Fish, among others. There are all sorts of activities you can do together as well: like work on a painting, reading animated storybooks, playing tic-tac-toe, etc etc. Here’s a short video that shows the product in action.

    It seems to be targeted towards a younger audience, but the games and many activities could be enjoyed by any age group. It’d be an easy way to play the games and video chat with someone else, especially if the other person doesn’t “get” technology or likes things to be a bit simpler. If the interactive features don’t interest you, but you’d still like to stay in touch with loved/liked ones, I’d recommend looking into the Echo Show. The Show series comes in several sizes and is strictly an Alexa/video chatting device.

    Projected Screen

    The projector displays a touch-sensitive 720p image that’s 19.2″ diagonally in size, directly in front of the base. It appears to be surprisingly clear with good colors and solid vibrancy overall. I assume there may be some settings available to adjust the brightness between varying levels.

    Glow Projected ScreenI mentioned that the image is touch-sensitive, this works by using magic, well it feels like it anyway. The built-in sensor can detect the movement of your fingers in order to tap, swipe, draw, and interact within the various activities. Another neat feature is that the projector can scan in a drawing you’ve made or a toy/object and turn it into art content, such as stickers or jigsaw puzzles.

    Amazon Kids+

    When you buy the Amazon Glow you also receive 1-year of Amazon Kids+ which gives you access to a range of media. There are animated storybooks from Disney and Pixar films like Frozen, Moana, Toy Story, among others. You can also choose from thousands of other Amazon Kids+ books to read together. You’ll be able to highlight words and turn pages together so it feels more like you’re next to each other. After the 1-year period ends the cost starts at only $2.99 per month to continue the Kids+ service.

    It’s important to note that having the subscription is required to enjoy reading e-books, playing interactive games, art activities, and the animated storybooks. So, to get the functionality out of your device you’ll want to be fine with continuing a subscription beyond the free one year. If you already have a subscription though you’ll be good to go and the product fits even better for you.

    Touchscreen / Camera

    You’ll notice that the screen on the front is in portrait mode, this makes sense since it’s mainly a 1-to-1 video call device. It’ll allow you and the person you’re talking with focus more on each other, and help prevent distractions from things off to the sides. The screen is also touch-sensitive so you can easily interact with it as you would a phone or tablet, but with a less complex interface.

    Interactive Projector Design

    I’ll get a bit technical here, the camera captures at 720p resolution, and the front facing screen is 1280×800. This is a high enough resolution to produce a relatively sharp image when talking to someone. The screen is 8″ so it’s actually a pretty large size for video calling. I don’t think most people will have trouble seeing each other on a screen this size.


    The size of the Amazon Glow is actually a bit larger than you may expect. It measures 14.2″ tall and about 5.5″ squared. I wouldn’t say it’s flimsy either, because it also weighs around a hefty 3 1/2 lbs. Young children should probably not try moving the device on their own, just in case it’s accidentally dropped or something. Unless your child is wicked strong I guess, like super human strength, and they carry milk cartons around like they’re wooden blocks.

    Though I will mention that there is a 2-year worry-free guarantee that comes with the product. If the item breaks you can return it and Amazon will replace it for free. Read their terms for the exact details. But that should give you some extra peace of mind for two years.

    Feature Summary

    Projected display size: 19.2″ (720p)
    8″ Touchscreen resolution: 1280×800
    Camera resolution: 720p HD
    Parental control option
    Privacy: Shutter switch turns off camera and microphone
    Speaker: 10-watt (Not an Alexa enabled device)
    802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2.4 and 5 GHz) w/ MIMO
    Bluetooth 5.0
    Dimensions: 5.6 x 5.4 x 14.2 in
    Weight: 3.56 lbs
    Includes: Amazon Glow, 7 Tangram puzzle pieces, projection mat, mat case, power adapter, and quick start guide
    Glow works with a free mobile app on iOS and Android tablets
    Two-year worry-free guarantee (send it in to get replaced for free)
    Model: Amazon Glow Interactive Projector + Video Calling
    Alias: Amazon Glow | Learn, Play, Read, Create Together with Remote Loved Ones

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, the Amazon Glow interactive projector has a lot of futuristic features and some really engaging content available. It looks like it was developed to help people connect to each other more easily. It’s always nice talking on the phone, but being able to visually see someone, and interact together through games and other activities, is super appealing to many people. Imagine video chatting while playing a game of checkers, solving jigsaw puzzles, reading books, and more.

    Interactive Projector AmazonThe specifications and functionality make the device seem extremely useful at the very least. I’ll also reiterate that the company includes a two-year guarantee that if the product breaks, they’ll replace it for free. You can read more details about that for further information. But at least you know you’ll be able to enjoy using it worry-free. Personally, I think it’s an exciting new addition from Amazon and perfect for people that want to stay connected in a few new way.

    Should You Buy It?

    Whether or not you should buy the Amazon Glow will come down to your personal situation. This is a product that’s mainly meant to help get kids interacting with family that lives away from each other. Everyone knows that kids can have short attention spans. Yes, you can get them to talk on the phone to family, but I’ve always found they get bored easily and just want to go back to playing. With the Amazon Glow there’s an interactive element that helps grab kids attention far more successfully. I should also mention again that the person on the other end of the Amazon Glow only needs a smartphone or tablet to connect and interact which is a nice feature.

    I would have loved to have something like this when my nieces were growing up, as I didn’t get to see them much with them living in another state. Having random 60 second talks with them on the phone was always nice, but playing a game with them for an extended amount of time would have been infinitely better. Now my nieces are grown up so I don’t really need this type of product; however, if you’re in that type of situation with kids and family living away, this might be the perfect product for you. Kids are more engaged and even older people may find it entertaining. Who doesn’t like playing checkers for example?

    Is This Product Still Available?

    Unfortunately Amazon has discontinued this interactive projector and there aren’t many alternatives at the moment either. If you’re interested in easily video chatting with your friends and family you could consider an Amazon Echo Show device. You’re able to watch certain streaming apps on them or play music for your household/room.

    It isn’t quite the same but it may help you connect with people you’re away from since you can video chat rather easily. They also have Alexa built-in so you can use all of that functionality as well. Would you like some sleep sounds to play while you’re falling asleep? You’d be able to do that with this Alexa-powered device. Click the following links to see two different models. One is the 8″ version and the other has a giant speaker system and 10″ screen. If you plan on using it to playback music the 10″ model may be perfect for you.

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    Check Amazon Glow Offers

    Click the button link below to read about more details on Amazon’s website and see the newest offers. The projector is now officially available to purchase by everyone, instead of being invitation-only like before. Definitely add the item to your shopping cart in order to see a complete total cost.

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