Best Gaming Projectors With Low Input Lag 🎮

Are you trying to figure out what the best gaming projector is and need an extra opinion? Well continue reading on to find an in-depth recommendation guide for all budgets. I’ll breakdown every model in various price points so you can more easily choose the best projector for gaming. No bias, no expensive-only options, and no wasting your time.

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  • ViewSonic PX701-4K
  • BenQ TK700 / TK700STi
  • BenQ TH685P
  • ViewSonic X1 / X2
  • ViewSonic X2000B-4K
  • BenQ GS50
  • Things To Consider

    Your first priority is going to be deciding how much you’re willing to spend. Once you know that information you can scroll down to view the recommendations for each category and see what fits your budget. I’ve tried to make everything organized with helpful shortcut links to allow you to jump to specific sections.

    Getting a projector for gaming changes priorities a bit since it’s ideal to buy “low latency” models with high refresh rates. This will give you faster input times from your game controllers and provide you with a buttery smooth gameplay experience.

    One More Thing…

    Most high-end projectors max out at running games either at 4K 60Hz or 1080p 120Hz. Since you play games on such a large area with a projector, it makes more sense to game in 4K 60Hz for most people.

    The brand JVC does offer some 4K 120Hz models but they’re over $5K. So, at the time of this writing, your best choice is a 4K 60Hz model. If you aren’t gaming at 4K you can also find some 1080p models below.

    I’ll also quickly mention that all of the claimed specifications below are from each company’s product information and may not be entirely accurate or up-to-date. Some models have had firmware updates to expand certain functionality.

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    What is the Best Gaming Projector for 4K?

    ViewSonic PX701-4K

    The ViewSonic PX701-4K is one of the best values in my opinion if you’re looking to buy a fast 4K gaming projector on a budget. In fact, I’d say it’s my top choice for affordable 4K gaming, simply because of its price and the performance it offers.

    ViewSonic PX701-4K Best Gaming ProjectorNoise can be an annoyance with some projectors. Thankfully the PX701-4K fans are pretty quiet, running at only 31dB under normal operation, and 27dB under ECO mode. These quieter fans will help ensure you stay focused on your games. If you’re a PS4 gamer you’ll know all about how fan noise affects you. 🙌🏻

    Refresh Rate

    This model is capable of outputting a 4K image at a 60Hz refresh rate. That’s like saying you’ll see a full 60 fps being displayed. It’s also possible to run everything in a 1080p mode for even faster response times, including 120Hz and 240Hz. This would give you even quicker action in games. It’ll be up to you to choose which mode you prefer.

    Input Lag

    16.7ms (4K@60Hz)
    8.5ms (1080p@120Hz)
    4.2ms (1080p@240Hz)

    As you can see, these input times are quite fast, and even running in 4K mode, you’d have super responsive gameplay. There are several other projectors that don’t come with special “game modes”. Those models have lag ranging from 50-80ms or higher. So in comparison the ViewSonic PX701-4K is pretty outstanding in terms of latency performance.

    ViewSonic PX701-4K Connectivity

    Lamp Life

    The lamp life of this model ranges from 6,000 up to 20,000 hours of use. This is dependent on which brightness setting you select. Since the max brightness is 3,200 lumens, you may be able to use an ECO mode to help extend the life of the bulb, while still having a bright viewable image. Replacement bulbs directly from ViewSonic cost around $229 at the time of this article.

    Even if you got around 10,000 hours of lamp life, and used the projector for 4 hours every single day, it would still last almost 7 years before needing a replacement bulb. Obviously using a different mode can shorten or extend that number. But it’s a model that should last a good amount of time for you.

    🔗 Read More About the ViewSonic PX701-4K Projector on Amazon

    BenQ TK700 / TK700STi

    My next top picks for 4K gaming are the popular BenQ TK700 and TK700STi models. In my opinion they strike the perfect balance between price and performance. They offer low input lag making it great for gamers, high refresh rates, high brightness, and solid connectivity ports available. They’re clearly an optimal choice when searching for the best gaming projector available.

    BenQ TK700 TK700STiOverall they’re very similar to each other. The main reason for getting the TK700STi version will likely be the shorter throw distance. This means you’d be able to get a larger image with it sitting closer to your wall or projection screen. Aside from that, the TK700 has a lumens brightness of 3,200 and the TK700STi is rated at 3,000.

    Refresh Rate

    Both of the models are capable of displaying a 4K image that runs at 60Hz, a full 60 fps. If you choose to run the projector in 1080p mode you can also enjoy even faster gaming performance as well, up to 240Hz. The PS5 and Xbox Series consoles can run some games at 120Hz, so this may be a huge benefit if you prioritize frame speed over resolution. And yes, I’ll mention that the PC masters can run even faster frames with a powerful enough CPU and GPU.

    Input lag

    16.7ms (4K@60Hz)
    16.7ms (1080p@60Hz)
    8.3ms (1080p@120Hz)
    4.2ms (1080p@240Hz)

    This is incredibly low latency for a projector and would give you super responsive gaming while you chow down on your Doritos and Mountain Dew. If you have enough space in your room, it’s probably better to get the TK700 model.

    BenQ TK700 Connectivity

    Lamp Life

    The lamp life can last up to 15,000 hours on the highest eco lamp saving mode. Replacement bulbs can be bought for around $160~ directly from BenQ, which is a pretty decent price compared to some other brands and models.

    🔗 Read More About the TK700 on Amazon

    🔗 Read More About the BenQ TK700STi on Amazon

    What is the Best Gaming Projector for 1080p?

    BenQ TH685P

    The BenQ TH685P is a solid option if you need a bit more brightness for sunny daylight usage. It offers up to 3,500 lumens, supports 120Hz refresh rates at 1080p, and is capable of fast 8.3ms input time. There’s even a specialized game mode that enhances dark scenes for improved clarity.

    BenQ TH685P ProjectorIf you’re looking to game at 1080p, and prefer playing games at 120Hz, this model could be a great choice for you. It’s really a model and brand that’s targeted towards gamers.

    Refresh Rate

    The refresh rate matches many other gaming projectors and is capable of displaying up to 120 fps when running at a 1080p resolution. This has the added benefit of reducing input lag even further. In order to hit that speedy performance, you’ll need either a high-end PC, or one of the modern gaming consoles. Note: The following video is for the BenQ TH685. The difference from the newer TH685P version is that it lacks a VGA port.

    Input Lag

    8.33ms (1080p@120Hz)
    16.67ms (1080p@60Hz)

    As with many of the high-end gaming projectors, the BenQ TH685P also offers very low input lag. You really shouldn’t feel much latency whether you’re running at 120Hz or 60Hz mode. This is why I’m recommending it for gamers that play their games at high frame rates but lower resolution than 4K.

    BenQ TH685P Connectivity

    Lamp Life

    Under “lamp save” mode, you’ll be able to get about 15,000 hours of use from the lamp before it needs to be replaced. The lamp costs $149 directly from the BenQ website. You may be able to find alternatives cheaper, but official bulbs are the most reliable in terms of quality in my opinion.

    🔗 Read More About the BenQ TH685P on Amazon

    ViewSonic X1 / X2

    Would you love to avoid having to buy replacement lamps for a projector? Well, if you’re fine having a 1080p image, you’ll definitely want to consider either the ViewSonic X1 or X2 models. They both have a lamp life of 30,000 hours, a brightness of 3100 LED lumens, fast 60Hz refresh rate at 1080p, and low input lag. So already you can see that there’s a lot to like about these options.

    ViewSonic X1 X2 ProjectorsThe main difference is that the X2 offers a much shorter throw distance. To see a 100″ image on the X1, it’ll need to be about 8 ft 5 in away. For the X2 version you can have a 100″ image at only 5 ft away. So if your room has limited space, and you want the largest picture size possible, go for the X2 model.

    Refresh Rate

    The max refresh rate is actually 120Hz, according to ViewSonic, but only when running at 768p resolution. So, you’ll typically be maxing out at 60Hz, which will allow you to run games up to 60 fps, as long as you have a gaming system that supports it. There are many other projectors that can only run at 30Hz for low-end models so it is an improvement. If you care about visual fluidity and play a lot of games at high refresh rates I’d recommend getting something that’s 60Hz or above.

    Input Lag

    16.7ms (1080p@60Hz)

    Input latency is also quite low on the ViewSonic X1 and X2 projectors, down to 16.7 ms for their response time. There would be very minimal “lag” between button presses and actions in your games. This makes them both a great choice for any type of fast-paced gaming, whether it’s casual or competitive multiplayer.

    ViewSonic X1 Connectivity

    Lamp Life

    Here’s where the ViewSonic X1 and X2 models really shine and outperform alternatives. The lamp life is up to a staggering 30,000 hours, under normal brightness operation. This is because the light is LED-based. The company says it’s rated at 3,100 LED lumens. I’ve read online that it’s estimated to be around 2,300~ ANSI lumens. So less bright than other models, but you’ll have to choose between having ultra high brightness and super lengthy lamp life. To me, the brightness on these models is totally fine for many situations.

    🔗 Check ViewSonic X1 on Amazon

    🔗 Check ViewSonic X2 on Amazon

    What About Ultra Short Throw Projectors?

    ViewSonic X2000B-4K

    If you’re looking for an ultra short throw I’d recommend checking out the ViewSonic X2000-4K projector. This model can give you a 100″ image sitting only 9″ from your wall. That means you won’t have to worry about anyone walking in front of the picture. A UST projector may suit certain people better when looking for the best gaming projector.

    ViewSonic X2000B-4K USTAs for specifications it supports 4K at 60Hz, has a brightness of 2,000 lumens, includes smart features, combined 50-watt speakers, and can run games at a decent latency of 30-40 milliseconds. A lot of other UST projectors have a longer latency compared to this model. Overall it’s pretty solid as a gaming ultra short throw projector.

    Refresh Rate

    The refresh rate maxes out at 60Hz, so you’ll get 60 fps for both 4K and 1080p resolutions. This may be enough for most people, especially if you plan on gaming in 4K anyway. If you’re a fan of FPS titles or other twitch action games, this projector should display very fluid gameplay.

    Input Lag

    Between 30-40ms

    This isn’t the lowest latency for input lag but it’s still quite good for an ultra short throw projector. It’s difficult to get an exact number for this model but it seems be between 30-40ms. I think 1080p is slightly faster but I don’t think it’d be too noticeable over running in 4K.

    ViewSonic X2000B-4K Connectivity

    Lamp Life

    The lamp can pump out 2,000 ANSI lumens according to the ViewSonic data sheet. This should be enough brightness for rooms with a little bit of ambient light. It’s important to note that this model is a laser-based projector with a max lamp life of 20,000 hours. If you used the ViewSonic X2000-4K for 4 hours per day, it would last over 13 years. You’ll probably upgrade to a newer projector by then too.

    🔗 Read More About the ViewSonic X2000B-4K on Amazon

    Best Portable Gaming Projector Options?

    BenQ GS50

    Now for anyone wanting to take their projector on the go, take a look at the BenQ GS50. It’s a 1080p machine with 60Hz refresh rate, contains two 5-watt speakers and one 10-watt woofer, and can run up to 2 1/2 hours on its built-in battery.

    BenQ GS50It’s also quite rugged and is IPX2 splash and drop resistant. This makes it safer for transporting between locations. If you love camping, this projector would actually be a great movie and gaming projector. Not to mention it can double as a Bluetooth speaker box if you just want to listen to some music with friends.

    Refresh Rate

    This model can support 60Hz which will give you that buttery 60 fps action. For a portable model such as this, that’s a fantastic capability compared to alternatives. The main reason to get this model is for its portability and feature set.

    Input Lag

    22.7ms (1080p@60Hz) – with updated firmware

    LINK: BenQ GS50 Updated Firmware

    Here’s where things get interesting. This model used to have a pretty slow input lag rating. Thankfully the BenQ company has since released an updated firmware that lowers the input lag down to only 22.7ms when running at 1080p and 60Hz. This makes it one of the best portable gaming projectors.

    BenQ GS50 Connectivity

    Lamp Life

    The lamp is LED-based which means the lamp life is pretty outstanding at up to 30,000 hours. As for brightness, it’s only 500 ANSI lumens, which is definitely lower than non-portable projectors. But this is just something you have to deal with when getting a portable model at the moment. As far as portable alternatives go, this is a pretty bright projector in comparison to what’s available.

    🔗 Read More About the BenQ GS50 on Amazon

    Final Thoughts

    Before choosing the best gaming projector for yourself, you’ll need to decide how much you’re willing to spend and what experience you want to have. Is 4K resolution important to you? Then you’ll need to focus on that category of projectors. How about 60Hz vs 120Hz? HDR? Input lag? Brightness? You have to figure out what the most important features are for you personally. Another solid choice that seems to be popular is the BenQ HT2050A projector which I’ll be adding in the near future.

    I’ll try to update this list and add or remove models as companies improve their products. Hopefully you’re a little more equipped to narrow down your choice and jump into the world of massive screen gaming. If you’re planning on having a projector set up in your bedroom be sure to read our Best Bedroom Projector guide as well.