DR J Professional AK-50 – What’s Wrong With This Model?

The DR J Professional AK-50 projector is a Full HD model with a native resolution of 1920×1080. Sometimes there are projector companies that seem to put an emphasis on one or two specifications to sell their product, that isn’t the case here with the AK-50 though. The projector excels in several areas due to the overall performance and functionality of the machine. There are many types of inputs located on the back panel, which will allow you to use a massive range of media. The design is simplistic, but just like your mother always told you, it’s what’s inside that actually counts.

Dr J Professional AK-50 ProjectorThis projector uses LED technology which extends the lamp life up to an impressive 60,000 hours. Having a bulb that lasts this long will help ensure you can enjoy using the projector well into the future. The main benefit of buying an LED model is the lower maintenance, since you won’t have to constantly be buying replacement light bulbs. I’d say this model is similar to the popular AK-30, but with a few differences that I’ll try to cover and review below. Are you sitting there wondering which projector model is right for you? Hopefully I can make all of this technical jargon nonsense easier to understand so you can make a smart purchase.

Full HD Resolution

Resolution is the specification that will determine how crisp and sharp your picture is. The higher this number is, the clearer everything will be when you’re watching a movie or playing a video game. Be aware that the term you want to look for specifically is called “native resolution” though. This is the true resolution of any given projector model. If you see a product listing only say their projector “supports 1080p”, that does not mean it’s actually pushing out a true 1080p picture. Companies do this on low-end models to make their products look better. They’re permitted to display this information simply because those projectors can take in 1080p sources from the HDMI port, but the actual image will only be as good as whatever the native resolution is.

AK-50 Specifications

The AK-50 model is running at a native resolution of 1920×1080, which will give you Full HD performance. Having this native 1080p power will provide you with a picture that shows more detail and texture compared to a lower resolution model. If you care about picture quality and want to see video content as clearly as possible, you’ll definitely want to purchase a projector that offers a 1080p resolution. I’d also recommend this if you’re a gamer, since it can be essential being able to see distant objects in video games. A lower resolution will blur objects that are further away and give you a softer image overall.

Keystone & Focus Wheels

You might unbox your new projector and turn it on, only to find out that the image on your wall is incredibly blurry and looks like a trapezoid. This is because you need to use the two wheels on top of the projector to make some visual adjustments. One wheel controls the focus and the other wheel controls the vertical alignment. You’ll need to do this any time you move your machine to a new location.

AK-50 Keystone & FocusDo you want to take it outside to watch some movies? Well, don’t forget to use these two wheels otherwise the picture will be out of focus and incorrectly aligned. Think of the machine working like binoculars that require focus at different distances. Some people tend to forget about this or aren’t even aware what these control wheels do. Turn your projector on, make these adjustments, and enjoy your sharpened image that is now ready for proper viewing. Though another important thing to mention, if you still have a blurry picture, be sure to take the lens cap off the lens.


The term contrast ratio is something you’ve probably seen before, but are you aware as to what it means? To simplify it down to its most basic concept, the ratio indicates the range between the colors black and white. Having a higher ratio will give you brighter colors that look more vibrant. Skin tones will appear less pale and dark scenes in movies will be less grey and washed out. The DrJ AK-50 projector has a contrast ratio of 10,000:1. For reference, the average movie theater contrast ratio is only 500:1. Yes, that’s right, I didn’t forget to add an extra zero there. This means the projector will be able to present a picture with very pleasing colors, regardless of what content you’re enjoying.

It seems that the AK-50 model has been discontinued and a newer model called AK60 has replaced it. Visit the following link to view the product page for more information.

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I’d say the brightness performance is at a top-tier level of importance when choosing what to get. This is because of how projectors actually work, they project light, onto a screen or wall. The higher the brightness power the easier it’ll be to see everything. If you only plan to use your projector during the evenings it’s slightly less of an importance. But if you like the idea of using your projector when there’s a dim lamp on, having more brightness will be much better. This Dr J AK-50 model pumps out 7,500 lux lumens, which should be plenty for an outdoor nighttime gathering or in a room during the day with curtains and blinds closed. Any projector will always look its best when there’s minimal light, but it’s nice being able to have a dim lamp on and still see the image.

AK50 BrightnessAs I mentioned earlier, the lightbulb system being used inside is LED-based. This gives you up to 60,000 hours of use because of this technology. We can do a little math, let’s say you use your projector 30 hours a week, that’s only 1,560 hours per year. Not having to worry about buying expensive replacement lightbulbs is a huge benefit of these LED models. There are pros and cons to everything but I think this lightbulb lifespan is a big factor to consider for most consumers.

Modern Input

The Dr J AK-50 projector is equipped with one HDMI port. This input is what you’ll use with the majority of your modern devices. You can plug in video game consoles, Blu-ray players, and media sticks such as the Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV Stick using this port. A lot of newer laptops have an HDMI-out port on them, which would allow you to mirror your desktop right onto your wall or projection screen. For MacBooks, you can also use a USB C-to-HDMI adapter to accomplish this. It would have been nice to see two HDMI ports here to reduce the amount of device swapping, but this is a minor inconvenience. You personally may not care about having to plug something else into the projector.

There are two USB ports and an SD card slot that can be used to play videos directly from the projector. Simply transfer your movie files onto a flash drive and you’ll be able to keep a bunch of movies and shows right on your machine. It’s a really convenient way to have movies prepared without taking up the HDMI port. It does seem that it only supports flash drives up to 32GB of storage though.

AK50 Connectivity

Legacy Input

You’ll be able to watch a lot of older media content as well thanks to the legacy connectivity options. The first being the A/V port, this will allow you to plug in some devices from the 90s and early 2000s. It utilizes a special cable that splits into three separate connectors: red and white for audio and yellow for video. Does it sound familiar to you? Older DVD players, gaming consoles, and even some VHS players use this cable. Maybe you just love VHS and want to feel super nostalgic. It’s definitely a nice addition to see and instantly opens up some new possibilities.

There’s even a VGA port that you can use if you need to give some sort of presentation. It’s also an input found on older desktop computers but most people can just use the HDMI port instead these days. The VGA port doesn’t transmit audio but for simple video sharing it can be handy for anyone in the need of this type of functionality. As we move further into the future, it seems these older ports are going unused. It’s better to have something and not need it though I guess.

Wireless Ready

AK-50 WiFi ProjectorWireless capabilities are now a popular feature to have on your projector. With built-in Wi-Fi the machine can connect to your home’s internet router. After doing this you’ll be able to easily mirror content from all of your smartphones and tablets.

Normally you need to use some sort of cable going from your phone to the projector. This means you have to sit close to the machine, which isn’t always possible. Plus, what if you want friends and family to connect and share their photos or videos? By having a wireless capable projector everyone can be untethered and join in on the fun. If you like the idea of seeing content from your smart device displayed on your wall, this feature could be perfect for you.

Audio System

There usually isn’t much room inside projectors to install large speakers. However, the ones that come equipped tend to do a fine job filling a room with audio. If you want to complete the full experience, you’ll probably want to plug in a sound bar or some sort of external speakers. There are several ways you can go about achieving this. The easiest is to just plug some speakers into the audio/headphone port.

Alternatively, some people have stereo receivers that can passthrough HDMI audio. If neither of those sound like good options you can look into getting an accessory called an audio converter. This will take an HDMI signal and split it out into a variety of options for you including optical. I should mention, if you aren’t hearing audio from the projector while using your device, try turning off Dolby Audio in the settings. Sometimes because of copyright reasons this just won’t output correctly.


Native resolution: 1920×1080 (Full 1080p)
Contrast: 10,000:1
Brightness: 7,500 lux lumens
Lamp life: Up to 60,000 hours
HiFi stereo speakers
Wireless Screen mirroring
No zoom function
Connectivity: 1x HDMI, 2x USB, VGA, AV/Composite, Headphone port, SD slot
Includes: power cable, AV adapter, HDMI cable, 120″ projection screen, simple remote
USB/SD Video Support: AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, MPG, H.264, H.263
Model: DR J AK-50 / AK50


After seeing the performance and features of the Dr J AK-50 projector, you can see why it’s a popular choice amongst people. It’s capable of displaying a true 1080p picture to perfectly showcase your favorite movies and television shows. The pure amount of connectivity choices here will also allow you to enjoy the majority of your media content. HDMI will handle your streaming sticks while if you’re a retro gamer the A/V port is perfect for experiencing your old video games in a completely new way. Remember you also won’t be needing to buy replacement lightbulbs every year or two which is another huge benefit.

Dr J AK50 ProjectorOverall, it isn’t high-end but this is a good way to get into the world of projectors if you’ve been eyeing one for awhile. If you love sports, being able to see the big game on your wall with friends and family could make your house be the place everyone wants to visit. Just imagine setting up your own home theater and having that authentic cinema feeling. Can you already smell the popcorn in your room? No, you aren’t having a stroke, that’s the power of your imagination.

I haven’t even mentioned that this model comes with a 120″ projection screen. This is a really nice addition, and perfect if you were wondering what you’re going to project onto. Finally, if you were considering the AK-30 model and wonder how it compares. That version doesn’t have Wi-Fi, it comes with a 100″ projection screen, and the lamp life is only up to 50,000 hours. Still a solid choice but the AK-50 does have some benefits. Hopefully technical terms and details make a little more sense now and you can narrow down your choice a little more.

Dr J AK-50 Projector Offers

If you’d like to view the latest price offers at the moment I’d suggest you click the following links to Amazon. Prices can change at any given time and sometimes the company offers coupons, so be sure to check for those on the product page. I’d also recommend adding the projector to your cart in order to see a final total price. UPDATE: The AK50 model seems to have been replaced by the newer AK60 projector. You can read more about the new model by clicking the button below.

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