GooDee YG600 Projector – Is It Even Something To Consider?

The GooDee YG600 projector may seem similar to some other models, but it offers a good amount of performance and features to make it a unique choice. The native resolution is 1280×768, giving the projector a crisp 720p HD capability. It does also support input from full 1080p feeds but will downscale them to 720p. There are two HDMI ports which is great if you plan on using a lot of modern devices with the machine, since you won’t have to constantly be unplugging one single port.

GooDee YG600 ProjectorThere’s a lot of stuff to unpack here and many things to review. First off, you may not be familiar with the brand at all. Perhaps you came across it while searching online for your first projector? But is it any good and should you be considering buying it? Well, the specifications sure seem positive at a glance, but we should jump into the details to really get an idea about this projector model.

Past Ports

The connectivity is a major part of a projector and having the right ports available will allow you to use a wide range of devices. Maybe you want to use some older machines like a DVD player or something with a composite cable, well, you’d actually be able to do that with this. The composite/AV port is for older support as it’s mainly for anything that requires those old red, white, and yellow cables. You might be familiar with that from the 1990s or 2000s. If your appliances uses that, you can pair it with this.

Another option you have is the VGA port but this is for older computers. It also only carries a visual signal so there won’t be any sound through this input. If you have an older computer that you want to turn into a media box then this might be what you’ll choose to use. You’ll need to pair it with the audio jack on the machine however if you want both audio and video played simultaneously.

Modern Ports

You’ll likely be spending most of your time using the 2 HDMI ports since that’s what almost all modern appliances use now. It’s nice that there are dual ports included so you can leave multiple things hooked up. It definitely removes some hassle of always needing to unplug something to plug something else in. This would perhaps be even more of a hassle if you decide to install the projector on your ceiling.

YG600 ConnectivityThe HDMI ports will be used for streaming devices like the Apple TV, Roku HD, or Amazon Fire TV. Just plug them in and you’ll be able to see your streaming services right on your wall. If you’re a gamer this port is also perfect for your video game consoles. Playing something like Fortnite or whatever your current favorite game is on your wall is a really cool experience.

Another set of ports you have is an SD card slot and 2 USB slots. If you have an offline digital video collection, you can transfer them over to these and play them back right from the projector. Not all formats are supported but it can be super convenient to have a movie collection always connected to your projector. If you plan on using your projector outside to show backyard movies it’s definitely something to consider so you won’t have to drag out any additional devices.

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You want the highest brightness rating possible, so that you can use your projector as frequently as possible. If you plan on also having some sort of mood lighting on while using your projector a higher rating will also help ensure you get a bright picture. The YG600 model has now 8,500 lux which will allow you to enjoy watching stuff at most times during the day, as long as you minimize ambient light. Watch this following YouTube clip to see the projector in action.

Be aware that you’ll get the best experience possible if you’re in a dark room and this is for a home theater setup. The brightness is flexible enough to give you a lot of options to use the machine frequently. The lamp life of this model will also last up to 30,000 hours! This means you should have minimal maintenance compared to a traditional bulb projector. Those can last only 5,000 hours and need expensive replacement bulbs. You won’t have to worry about needing to do that with this model!


Having a bright image is nice but what if the colors suck and look washed out? That’s no good. This GooDee projector offers a 3000:1 contrast ratio which will saturate colors much more than something that’s rated at only 1000-2000:1. In comparison, you’ll see richer colors, and this is noticeable in all media. Skin tones will have more hue to them and the overall range of colors will be expanded. The actual rating is the range between the lightest and darkest colors, so having a high rating will give you a more pleasing image.


Visual splendor is a nice thing to prioritize but audio is another big factor when consuming content. This projector contains a dual 3-watt speaker system that will output decent sound. If you really plan on using this for a home theater I’d recommend plugging in some sort of additional sound bar/speakers. This will improve the audio aspect majorly and do a better job than most internal speakers could manage. Having said that, for most situations it’s fine if you’re just messing around and feel the speakers inside are enough.


Native Resolution: 1280×768 (Supports 1080p sources)
Brightness: 8500L (was previously 6800L)
Lamp Life: 30,000 hours
Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
Display Size: Up to 230″ (5.8m~)
2 HDMI, 2 USB, AV, VGA, AUX, SD card
MHL Function
Manual Focus Ring
Manual Vertical Keystone
Dimensions: 12 x 9.4 x 4.7 inches
Weight: 5~ pounds
Model: Movie Projector YG600 / GD-600 2021
GooDee 2022 Upgraded HD 1080P Video Projector


Honestly the GooDee YG600 is similar to some other brands but the dual HDMI ports, high contrast, and overall versatility does make it a bit unique. The native resolution is 1280×768 so pictures will be pretty crisp and less blurry compared to a 480p projector. The company also includes a 3-year warranty which is impressive for something like this and makes it seem pretty risk free to try. If you’ve been debating on joining the world of projectors it would be quite a solid choice. It has the ports you’d want to use and supports a massive range of devices.

YG600 Focus KeystoneWith the manual focus ring, adjustable foot pads, and manual keystone ring you’ll have the control to adjust the picture so it’s just right. It’d be great if you’re planning on setting up a home theater or want to host parties outside and show movies during them. You can have a screen size up to 230″ but the company does say the best viewing distance is about 10 feet and will produce an almost 100″ or 2.5 meter image. I’m aware how many choices you have available, and many of them are indeed very similar. Look over some customer images in the following links below and decide whether this is the right choice for you.

If you’re looking for the user manual for this model, you can view it here: GooDee YG600 Manual

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