Vankyo Leisure 410 – A Better Choice?

The Vankyo Leisure 410 is a small LED projector with some great functionality and can connect to a huge variety of media devices. It offers an extremely long lasting 40,000 hours of lamp life to help ensure you can use the product for an extended period of time. In fact, using the projector every day for 6 hours, the light would last just over 18 years theoretically! Perhaps another component would fail by then or maybe you’d upgrade to a newer model, but it’s a nice benefit of buying an LED-based model over a regular light bulb variety. I should also quickly mention that this model has been upgraded in 2020 to 720P native resolution, up from 480p. I’ll talk more about what this actually means below.

Vankyo Leisure 410 ProjectorI guess the real question is whether this model has the features and power to fit your needs. All of this depends on what you plan on using the machine for. Do you want to use your wall as a movie screen? Will it mainly be used during the evening when there’s no ambient light? What native resolution rating is enough for you? There are a few important questions to ask yourself when deciding. Let’s cover the picture and visual aspects to get a better understanding.


There are many factors that determine image quality for a projector; brightness, contrast, and resolution are the major ones that stand out. Having a good resolution will give you a sharper picture making details more apparent. Resolution becomes even more of a factor once you start increasing the overall display size. For instance, watching something displayed in 32 inches would appear sharper than at 170 inches.

The Leisure 410 has a native resolution of 800×480, but it can accept video all the way up from Full HD 1080p. This means that the internal resolution will output at something lower than Full HD. The image will lose some of the fine details compared to a projector that has a higher native resolution. Fabric and textures would be a bit blurrier as an example. Whether this is really important to you will depend on how much you want to spend and whether you’d rather have a massive screen over fine details. NOTE: The native resolution of this model has been upgraded to 720p HD, which will provide you with sharper picture quality! This improvement makes the Vankyo 410 a better buy than previously.


Vankyo 410 Brightness ContrastA brightness rating determines how bright the image appears on your wall or screen, obviously. Having a higher brightness allows you to enjoy the projector while there’s ambient light in the room. A projector tends to work best when you’re in a pitch black room. Most modern projectors are flexible enough to at least be somewhat usable when it isn’t completely dark. The rating of this 410 model provides 3,800 LUX now; slightly higher than the 2,400 found on the Leisure 3 version.

Audio Quality

Internal speakers rarely deliver room-filling sound and they lack any excitement. The audio is frequently tinny and hollow sounding compared to what you’d find from a regular television. I always highly recommend purchasing some external speakers to use with your projector for almost every situation. You’ll have a much more authentic movie theater-like experience. Video games will be more immersive and intense.

If you already have some old computer speakers you could just hook those up or a soundbar. If you aren’t much of an audiophile and just want convenience you may be able to deal with the internal speaker just fine. I’d seriously consider looking into them to complement the projector though.


410 Projector ConnectivityHaving good performance is great to have. But I’m sure you want to be able to connect and use all of your devices with your fancy new projector. I mean, how disappointing would it be not being able to playback some of your media? Thankfully, the Vankyo Leisure 410 supports just about any media appliance. There’s an HDMI port for all of your modern ones. This is where you’ll plug in gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, or streaming sticks like the popular Amazon Fire TV and Roku. You’ll be getting a ton of use out of this port.

This model supports AV composite devices as well; it utilizes those classic red, white, and yellow cables. With this you can enjoy viewing older media such as VHS tapes. There’s also a VGA port located on the side of the machine. You can hook up older computers directly to this port in order to share your desktop screen. Most modern computers and laptops support HDMI so you can accomplish the same functionality using that input nowadays. But it’s definitely nice to see some legacy support here.

Finally, you have a USB port and SD card port. Both of these can be used to play video files directly. Just load some movies onto a flash drive or SD card and plug it into the projector. It’s a really nice way to keep a movie collection available from the machine at all times. Not every format is supported but it’s a super convenient feature. Overall, you should be covered with the inputs and capable of using your media with this projector.


3,800 LUX brightness
3,000:1 Contrast Ratio
LED lamp life: Up to 40,000 hours
Fan noise suppression system
MStar Advanced Color Engine
Native resolution: 1280×720 (was 800×480)
Throw Distance: 4.9 to 16.4 feet
HDMI, VGA, Composite, SD card, USB, Audio port
Free mini tripod included

410 Keystone


There’s plenty to like about the Vankyo 410 projector, especially since it’s been upgraded in 2020. It offers a lot of different inputs to support just about every media device you may want to use. It’s also a solid boost over the Leisure 3 if you’ve been considering that model. It would be great for family movie nights or playing your favorite video games on your wall. I’d also say it’s pretty easy and convenient to take over to someone else’s house for parties or special occasions. I’ll point out that the 410 now also comes with a free mini tripod at this time, which will give you even more flexibility when placing your projector.

The projector would work best in completely dark environments but it does provide some flexibility when there’s some minor ambient light. I would recommend again to consider purchasing external speakers to pair with your new projector if you want a true home theater experience. It will definitely give you a more “complete” home theater feeling. You can also consider the next models above this called Vankyo 510PW or the Vankyo V630. Those have further improvements you may want or need. I hope you can choose a projector that you’re happy with and enjoy for years to come!

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