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Welcome and thank you so much for visiting Projector Insider! Our goal here is to eventually turn this website into a helpful information resource. A place where you’ll find answers to almost any question you may have while searching for a video projector. That’s the idea anyway.

There are obviously many unique models available, all varying in different price points and features. I know it can be really difficult narrowing down your choices and choosing the right one for you. Our articles will breakdown all of the detailed specifications and cover every popular model in an effort to make your decision a little easier. We’ll also include direct links to any additional resources we feel would be helpful. Anything from manuals from manufacturers or links to store listings for current prices or deals.

The website is still under construction and will be for awhile until we can get our articles posted. Please do understand that we’re merely doing this in our free time, so things may be a bit slow going. Hopefully we can be approaching a 100 post count in a year or so. We’ll see how the progress goes and how much time we can devote to this though.

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