ViewSonic PRO7827HD – Top Choice For The Price?

The ViewSonic PRO7827HD projector offers up some nice ports and features. The performance is also pretty impressive with its 2,200 lumens and full HD resolution. Color accuracy can be something some projectors lack, but this model is actually Rec. 709 certified, which helps provide a true movie theater experience.

This all sounds great but is this the right model for you? To answer that, let’s go over more of the features and details.


ViewSonic PRO7827HD ProjectorHaving the right ports can make all the difference. Being able to plug any input device in and use your projector is very important for some people. Others will be perfectly content with only a few HDMI ports.

This ViewSonic should cover most people’s needs as far as options go. On the back are a plethora of ports to be used including a composite and s-video port for legacy device compatibility. A VGA port so you can directly hook up a computer. Two dedicated HDMI ports on the back for modern electronics; with one of those allowing smartphones to be connected. Finally, a ViewSonic “PortAll” hidden on top of the machine which will allow wireless streaming from an option dongle or it can double as an extra HDMI port.

7827HD Inputs

Those cover the video aspect of the device. You also have a USB A, USB Mini B, and Audio input/output ports you can use.


7827HD Short Throw

The picture quality is probably the most important aspect to consider when buying a projector. You want a machine that’s bright enough while also displaying vivid colors. Resolution is another key factor and the higher that is the more details you can see. A lot of low-priced projectors have a resolution of 800×600 or something; which isn’t even HD nor is it a widescreen resolution. Thankfully, the ViewSonic PRO7827HD outputs a crisp 1080p image, a full 1920×1080 pixels. That means you’ll be able to see more details of the picture compared to a lower resolution projector. This projector is also 3D-ready if you’re interested in that. You just need compatible hardware like a 3D Blu-ray player and active 3D glasses that’ll work in tandem with it.

Rec. 709 SuperColor TruCinema

Colors and brightness are very important as well. You don’t want anything to look washed out or off while watching a movie. This model includes a dedicated RGBRGB color wheel with Rec. 709 color accuracy which produces colors more accurately to the original media. Projectors can only have this rating if it 100% meets the Rec. 709 standard. The bulb also provides 2,200 lumens of brightness.

I think many people like to set up their own sound system to use in tandem with a projector. However, there is a powerful 10-watt speaker on-board in case you don’t plan to use an external sound system. This is a decent amount of audio power to fill a room without sounding too tinny or hollow.


DLP Machine
Throw Distance: 4.2 – 46.9 ft
Noise Level: 34dB (normal) 31dB (eco-mode)
1920x1080p Resolution
2,200 Lumens
1.3x Optical zoom
S-Video, Composite, VGA
Built-in 10W speaker
RGBRGB color wheel with Rec. 709 color accuracy
3-year limited warranty parts and labor
1-year warranty lamp coverage
Alias: ViewSonic 7827

7827HD Top View


Overall the Pro7827HD projector provides many inputs and features while offering solid picture and audio quality. The 1.3x optical zoom allows you to keep the projector a bit closer while allowing a larger screen area. It has plenty of ports so you can plug in your favorite gaming console, computer, or other media device. This is a nice choice if you’re putting together your own home theater and want something that’ll offer an accurate experience.

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