Vankyo Performance V630W – Is WiFi Worth The Upgrade?

The Vankyo Performance V630W projector is an updated version of the popular V630 model and adds WiFi functionality. This means you’ll have the ability to mirror content from your smart devices, such as phones and tablets, without needing any additional cables. You may be wondering if this wireless screen mirroring feature is the only notable difference from the original model. Are there any other specifications or features that have been improved? Hint: yes, yes there are.

Vankyo Performance V630W ProjectorThere’s a whole lot of technical jargon used in product descriptions that may not make sense to anyone that isn’t familiar with these terms. For example, what is the difference between native resolution and supported resolution? What exactly are the different connectivity ports used for? I’ll be explaining what each term and feature means in clear English to help you make a more informed purchase. We can review the WiFi feature first since that’s probably the most immediate difference people notice.

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  • Wireless Sharing

    If you wanna use your projector to view content on your smartphone or tablet, you normally require a physical cable. This isn’t an issue with the V630W thanks to the built-in wireless functionality. The projector supports up to 5GHz WiFi which gives you a much faster connection than other projectors that only support slower 2.4Ghz. Whatever is being played on your smart device will be shown through the projector.

    There is one limitation to be aware of, any videos that have a copyright on them will likely be blocked, regardless of using a cable or WiFi. This is an issue with all projectors. It’s because of movie companies trying to protect their video content. So, if you wanted to watch Netflix for example you couldn’t stream it from your phone, you’d have to use a media stick such as an Amazon Fire brand or similar device. Yes, I agree it’s unfortunate, but movie studios would need to allow it.

    V630W WiFi Screen SharingOverall, the screen sharing is a great feature that can be used to do quite a few different things. Perhaps you’d like to have friends and family over to show them some vacation videos or various apps. You could also play games you have on your device and display them on your wall. It could be super convenient if you’re the type of person that uses their phone a lot and wants to see everything on a bigger screen.

    A few quick things to note, having the Vankyo V630W model will let anyone in your room connect to the projector without having to pass around a cable. No need to constantly get up and you won’t have to worry about misplacing the cable. It’s a definite plus over the original 630 version if you’ll be using the screen sharing a lot.

    Modern Device Inputs

    Having wireless connectivity is a great addition but what about the other physical ports for devices? To start off, there are two HDMI inputs which you’ll probably use 90%+ of the time. This is the input for video game consoles like the Nintendo Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X. It’s also for media sticks such as the Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and others. If you have a Blu-ray player it’ll connect through the HDMI port as well. But wait, that’s not all, you can also use the port to plug in most newer laptops and desktop computers. You’d then be able to play your PC games, browse the web, and more while using your projector as a screen. It’s really nice that there are two HDMI ports included so you won’t have to do as much device swapping.

    V630W Connectivity

    There’s an SD card slot and two USB ports, with one of the USB ports capable of providing 5V of power for media sticks. Both of these inputs effectively turn the projector into a multimedia machine, since they’re capable of playing back video files loaded onto a USB flash drive or SD card. You could keep an entire video collection plugged into the projector at all times this way. Just load your videos onto a USB stick you have laying around and you should be good to go. Not every newer codec is supported but it’s another convenient way to enjoy viewing content. This could also work really well if you have kids and want to load specific cartoons or animations for them to watch.

    Legacy Device Inputs

    Many older devices are also supported on the V630W using the AV/Composite port. You might actually be familiar with this input as it uses yellow, white, and red colored cables. This 3-cable design was used extensively in the 90s and 2000s. It cannot be used for HD content and is instead mainly for older game consoles, DVD players, cable boxes, and those types of legacy devices. It’s very impressive to see such a wide range of appliances supported by the projector.

    V630W Modern Legacy InputsThere’s also a VGA port on the back, which is typically used for presentations or hooking up an older computer. Many newer computers have transitioned to HDMI, but I’m sure there’s some people out there that are interested in using an old computer as a media hub. Just be aware that a VGA cable only transmits a video signal. If you want audio as well you’ll need to use the audio out port in tandem with the VGA cable.


    Resolution can be a tricky thing to talk about. Many companies seem to love using the term “supported resolution” on lower models to say their projector, supports, 1080p HD content. It’s factually correct but this isn’t the same as native resolution, which is really the term you want to be paying attention to. The Vanyo V630W has a native resolution of full 1920×1080 pixels. This means you’ll be seeing a clearer true 1080p picture compared to a projector that only offers a 1280×720 or lower internal resolution. Everything will look crisper overall, things like facial details to animation edges will be much more defined. If you’re a gamer the higher resolution will make it easier to see distant objects and textures will appear sharper.

    Once you receive your projector it’s important to adjust a few things so that it’s set up for maximum clarity. You’ll do this by utilizing a few different features including the manual focus ring, the manual keystone ring, and adjusting the digital settings for some fine-tuning. The image sharpness will change depending on the projector’s distance from the wall. Every time you move the projector you’ll need to readjust these things to ensure a clear picture. Thankfully, it’s very simple to do and something that is required by practically every projector. Just set your machine somewhere; then use the focus wheel and keystone wheel to align and focus everything. Watch the short YouTube video below to get an idea of the picture quality.

    Brightness / Contrast

    Well, it’s obvious that all projectors look their best in total darkness. But many people don’t want to be confined to a pitch black room all the time. That’s why it’s important to have a projector equipped with enough brightness, so that you can enjoy using your projector while there’s a bit of ambient light. The V630W has a brightness rating of 6800 lux while the original V630 model last said 6500 lux. The Vankyo company seems to occasionally update their models but they’re likely similar. This brightness rating should allow you to at least see the image while there’s some mood lighting or minor daylight shining in from some closed curtains.

    Contrast is an interesting topic to discuss as it determines the picture’s color richness and vibrancy. A projector with a low contrast level will appear washed out, like everything is covered in a grey-ish hue. The contrast ratio of this V630W model is 5,000:1 which is a solid rating and the same found in the 630. Colors should be pretty good compared to alternatives with lower ratios. If you value picture quality the contrast ratio will definitely be a factor to consider. Something important to mention is that most movie theaters have only a 500:1 contrast ratio on average. So, if you’re planning on setting up your own home theater this will be a nice jump above that in comparison.

    Keystone Correction

    The keystone adjustment allows you to align the projector image so that it’s flush and squared against your wall. Imagine setting your projector on the floor or off-center from the wall; the image would be slanted and improperly aligned. Using the keystone let’s you fix the image by digitally adjusting the angle until it’s correct.

    V630W Keystone CorrectionHere’s where another difference between the V630W and 630 comes into play. The original model only offers a 45 degree keystone adjustment. The V630W on the other hand supports a slightly greater 50 degrees, and includes a super handy auto vertical alignment feature. That’s right, if you set the projector down on your floor or install it onto your ceiling, it can automatically align the image along the vertical axis. You’ll still need to manually adjust the horizontal axis but it can make things a bit easier.

    Speakers / Audio

    It’s common for projectors not to have the best speakers due to limited space and other various reasons. This model includes a 5-watt speaker that will pump out adequate audio for many types of situations. If you’re going for an authentic movie watching experience I’d absolutely recommend consider using external speakers. Just know that there isn’t any Bluetooth functionality, so the speakers will need to be wired directly into the 3.5mm Audio Out port. You could also route everything through your home audio receiver if you have one, or use an audio extractor as an alternative to get sound to your external speakers.


    Native Resolution: 1920×1080
    LED Brightness: 6,800 lux
    Contrast Ratio: 5000:1
    Throw Distance: 5.15 feet to 30.18 feet (1.57m to 9.2m)
    Image Size: from 46″ up to 300″
    Wireless Connectivity: 2.4GHz + 5GHz supported
    Connectivity: 2x HDMI, AV/Composite, VGA, Audio Out, 2x USB, SD Card
    Installation: Front, Rear, Ceiling mounting capable
    Keystone Correction: +/-15 manual and 50 degrees digital
    File Format Supported: AVI/MP4/MKV/FLV/MOV/RMVB/MPEG2/MPEG1/3GP/H.264/XVID/JPEG
    Included in box: AV adapter cable, HDMI cable, remote, carrying case

    Note: If you’re planning on using an Amazon Fire Stick TV to stream video apps, you may need to turn off “Dolby Digital Audio” in the settings. Some projectors aren’t equipped with the capability to playback this format. You can accomplish this change by the following steps from the Amazon Fire TV menu: Settings > Display & Sounds > Audio > Dolby Digital Output > Dolby Digital Plus to either OFF OR choose the PCM option.


    The Vankyo Performance V630W projector adds some nice new features over previous models. The wireless streaming is great for people that want to be able to connect their smart devices and easily share content to the projector. Setting up the machine is also even easier, now that it can automatically align the vertical axis of a projected image to your wall. Not everyone will need these features, and I wouldn’t call them essential, but they’re definitely convenient additions. If these features interest you then I’d say absolutely go for this projector over the previous models.

    V630W Included In The BoxThe actual performance and specifications are very similar between the V630W and the original 630 model. There’s solid brightness and contrast giving you a visually striking picture. The resolution being native 1080p will also provide a sharp image for movies and games. Then you have a ton of connectivity ports that support most older and modern devices. You would be able to use the machine with so many different types of appliances.

    You’ll need to ask yourself how important the new features are and how often you’d be using them to hopefully narrow down your decision. Hopefully some terms and things have been explained a bit more to help you make a more informed decision. If you do end up buying this model you may want to check if you can download the latest firmware/update for the projector once you receive it. Doing this will ensure you have the newest features and fixes provided from the company if there are any. I’ve read that you can email Vankyo directly and they can send you the firmware, if there is one, their support email is: Good luck deciding on a new projector and hopefully you’ll get a lot of use out of it. If you’re interested in considering an even newer model, I’d suggest the Vankyo 530W version which has a lower throw rate, better contrast, and more.

    Vankyo Performance V630W Offers

    Coupon Offer Be sure to visit the links below to check the latest running offers and deals. The prices can go up and down at various times, and occasionally coupons are even offered by the Vankyo company. You’ll find the coupons located in the price area if they’re available. Definitely add the product to your shopping cart to see a total cost including taxes and any discounts.

    Update: It seems that this Vankyo model isn’t on Amazon anymore. However, I did find another brand that is offering what seems to be a VERY similar model to the V630W (same design even). I looked over the features and specifications and the company states that the performance is even better than the V630W. It has two HDMI ports, AV/Composite video, USB, Audio Out, and wireless capabilities too. Plus there’s a 120″ projection screen included as well with this other model.

    With the specs being better, the design being the same, having a cheaper price, and the addition of a projection screen… I’d say definitely check this other model out on Amazon if you’re considering a V630W.

    Acrojoy vs V630

    As for the downsides, there isn’t an SD card slot, there’s only one USB instead of two, and it lacks the outdated VGA port. But I think 99% of people will never use a VGA port and you can just use a USB flash drive instead of an SD card. So overall you’re just getting a better performing machine, plus a projection screen included all at a considerably lower cost.

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